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Proposals accepted from 1 to 30 November 2023


Possible exhibition periods:


22 January – 9 February


12 February – 1 March


4 March – 15 March


18 March – 30 March


18 June – 5 July


2 September – 13 September



  • The open call for exhibitions at the Alma Mater Gallery is held every year, with proposals accepted from November 1 to 30. For short-term activities and events (book presentation, discussion, video screening, performance, etc.) proposals are accepted year-round.


  • The Alma Mater Gallery consists of two identical parts, each part having walls measuring 17 m long x 4 m high.


  • The exhibitions at the Alma Mater Gallery are for an ideal purpose. The gallery does not carry out commercial activities.


  • Proposals for exhibitions and short-term activities and events are sent to the official gallery email alma.mater.gallery@uni-sofia.bg and include a biography of the curator or the author of the exhibition/short-time activity, a concept for the exhibition and its title/ short-time activity, a description of the exhibits and the necessary exhibition space for the exhibition/ short-time activity, preferred period for the exhibition from those mentioned above, visual materials, contact email and phone number – all must be included in one PDF file of up to 5 MB.


  • Until December 10 every year, a selection of exhibitions is made, after December 10, exhibition candidates are notified of the results of the selection by e-mail; for the year-round short-term activities, selections are made monthly, and the applicants are notified of the results of the selection by email.


  • Authors/curators selected for exhibitions send photographs, etc. materials to the gallery email by December 20. Authors/curators selected for short-term activities send materials monthly to the gallery's email. The materials are used for design of posters and invitations in digital form according to a the pre-created and approved template of the gallery.


  • The transportation of the works for the exhibitions/short term activity and after the closing of the exhibitions/the end of the short term activity is carried out by the applicants of the exhibitions and is not a commitment of the gallery. Dates for transport to the gallery and after the exhibition closes from the gallery are determined by agreement between the author/curator of the exhibition/the short-term activity and the gallery and are strictly adhered to. The gallery, the Visual Arts Department and the Sofia University, as well as their representatives, are not responsible for works not taken on time after the end of the exhibitions in violation of the agreement.


  • For the organizattion of the arrangement and installation of the works in the gallery are responsible the authors/curators of the exhibitions. A worker specially engaged by the gallery also may instal the artworks by request. In the second case, an explicit and previously stated desire on the part of the authors or curators of exhibitions is required for assistance in installing, which is carried out by agreement between the gallery and the author or the curator – the installation costs are at the expense of the authors/curators of the exhibitions.


  • On the day of the arrangement of the exhibition, the manager of the gallery assists the author/curator of the relevant exhibition to ensure access to the gallery, and on the day of the opening/short-term activity of the exhibition/short-term activity for sound (by the technical service at Sofia University) and opening of the exhibition/the short-term activity.


  • The gallery designs digital posters and invitations for the exhibitions/ the short-term activities and provides announcement of the exhibitions/ the short-term activities on digital screen/s in the exhibition hall and on the gallery's social network profiles. If the authors/ curators of exhibitions or short term activities wish to have posters and invitations in paper form, the costs of printing and the organization of the printing are at their expense. Posters and invitations must include the Sofia University logo, the FNOI logo and the gallery logo.


  • From each presented individual exhibition of artworks in the field of contemporary visual arts in the Alma Mater Gallery, one work, at the discretion of the author, is donated to the Faculty of Educational Studies and the Arts in the form in which it have been presented at the exhibition.


  • Donations are not made in case the exhibitions are of documents or exhibits of historical value; in case of short-term activities and events – such as performance art, video art, etc.; if installations are presented; if the works are of ephemeral and of materials unsuitable for storage; as well as from group exhibitions on curatorial projects.