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Digitalization of slide collection on History of Art (Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman Antiquity, Old Bulgarian Art) by Academician Prof. Dr. Bogdan Filov was launched in 2008 under the project 189 funded by the National Science Fund of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". The collection contains items gathered during the first three decades of the twentieth century which were used during his lectures on Ancient Archeology and Old Bulgarian Art. The follow-up project 240 funded the work in 2009.


3615 slides from 73 wooden file boxes have been digitized so far. 592 photographs 13/18 reveal 2/3 part of the collection. Each 13/18 photograph contains 6 slides showing the captions on the individual images. Thus each image is named and can be used separately. The slides, which were made in Germany, were labeled by hand in German; the Bulgarian monuments were labeled in Bulgarian respectively. Abbreviations are very common.

Main topics of the Educational slide collection: