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Regulations for exchange of students within

Memorandums of Understanding

with partner Universities


1. The exchange of students is done only within a valid Memorandum of Understanding.

(Please, refer to Partners section).

2. The mobility duration should not be longer than 1 academic year (i.e. from 1 to 2 semesters).

3. The interested students has to apply for mobility by sending the duly filled, signed and stamped Application form and Study plan .

4. The deadlines for application are as follows:

  • For the winter semester or the whole academic year – 31st May
  • For the summer semester – 30th November

5. Sofia University will proceed to the treatment of the Applications only for the students who are nominated officially by the home University.

6. The applications of the interested students should be forwarded to the International Relations Department at Sofia University only through the respective International Relations Department of their University. Application forms that are sent directly from the students to Sofia University will not be accepted.

7. The applications duly received in Sofia University will be subject to approval by the respective Faculty of Sofia University pointed in the application form. The respective Faculty has the right to determine the specific conditions for acceptance of the student.

8. The foreign students whose applications are approved will receive an invitation letter through the respective International Relations Department of their Universities.

9. Sofia University could provide dormitory facilities for the approved foreign students on the basis of availability. Priority is given to the students accepted in Sofia University in the framework of EU funded Programmes.

10. At the end of the studies Sofia University will release a transcript of records for the students who participated in the exchange programs. The Transcript of records will be sent to the respective International Relations Department at the home University.