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This is the oldest degree at the Faculty, with the largest number of students. It prepares specialists in one of the major branches of the Humanities - the study of history. The subjects included in the Bachelor's Degree of History offer study of fundamental problems and periods of the history of Bulgaria, history of the Balkan nations and general (world's) history. In addition to the core courses in the fundamental historical subjects, there are additional B.A. specializations available to the students: History of Bulgaria, History of Byzantium and the Balkans, Ancient History and Thracian Studies, Medieval History, Early Modern and Modern History, History of Russia. The Degree has long established traditions (since the foundation of the University) and has well-established international prestige. At the same time it is open to modern interpretations of historic knowledge. The Degree in History is available in almost all modes of study: regular, extramural and as a second major. The Bachelor's programme of the Degree in History spreads over 4 academic years (8 semesters). Students graduate with a written State Examination and acquire the educational and professional degree of Bachelor in History. It allows them to continue their education in the Master's Programmes in History or other degrees in the Humanities. Bachelors of History can work in all cultural institutions in the country and they can be teachers of history if they had acquired teacher qualification. They can also apply for doctoral studies at universities and the institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The degree offers students optional educational and pedagogical subjects, which allow them to acquire teacher qualification - Teacher of History.