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The degree in archeology is established in 1992. Having in mind the archeological treasures of Bulgaria, which include monuments of prehistory, classical antiquity and the Middle Ages, the Degree is structured in view of the education of specialists in each of the above fields. The three-tier structure of the Degree envisages basic courses during the entire course of study and narrow specialization in the last two years of study. In addition to the major archeological subjects, there are also lecture courses in basic historical knowledge. The supplementary courses (Ethnology, History of Architecture, Anthropology, Numismatics, Conservation of Archeological Monuments, etc.) offer opportunities for interdisciplinary education. In addition to Faculty staff, among the lecturers are also well known professionals from various research centers. Specializing subjects are numerous and diverse, offering wide choice and periodically renovated thematic circles. The students in the Archeology Degree have good proficiency in the classical languages (Greek and Latin) and they also have a choice of West European and Slavic languages. In three years of study there is obligatory archeological practice - participation in archeological excavations on important sites of prehistory, antiquity and the Middle Ages. Throughout the whole course of study students can participate in various projects - on-site archeological tours, conservation and regular excavations, which offer them the opportunity to accumulate professional experience. Among the most interesting sites are: the settlement mound "Yunatzite" (off Pazardzik - 5th-3rd c. B.C.), the settlement mound and necropolis Durankulak (6th millennium B.C. - to the Hellenistic period), the Thracian town of Kabile (5th c. B.C. - 6th c. A.D.), the Thracian town in the reserve "Sboryanovo", Silistra (Durostorum). The curriculum also offers an optional block of subjects for acquiring teacher qualification. The Bachelor's Degree in Archeology offers only regular form of study in 8 semesters. It ends with a written State Examination and students acquire the educational and professional degree Bachelor in Archeology. They can continue their studies in the Master's Degrees in Archeology, Master's Degrees in Archeometry or other Degrees in the Humanities, and apply for doctoral studies. Bachelors in Archeology can teach at universities or work in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, in museums and other cultural institutions, in cultural tourism. Those who have teacher qualification can be teachers of history.