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Phone: +359 2 9308/354

E-mail: julia.tzvetkova@uni-sofia.bg

Faculty of History
15 Tzar Osvoboditel
1504 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tzvetkova (1)

Curriculum Vitae


  • 1998-1999 –Seminar für Alte Geschichte und Institut für Epigraphik der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universtiät Münster, Germany


  • Association of Bulgarian Archaeologists (ABA)


  • Sofia University Scientific Researches Fund No 146/2010 „Contributions to the historical geography of Ancient Thrace/ Topography of the sacred places in pre-roman Thrace (south of Haemus)
  • Sofia University Scientific Researches Fund No 128/2013 „Thracian sanctuaries in the Norhtwestern Rhodopes: archaeological investigations in the Velingrad Region”

Research Interests:

  • History of Ancient Greece, History of Ancient Thrace, Ancient Settlement Forms and Settlement System, Ancient Greek Numismatics, Archaeology of the Early Iron age and Classical archaeology, Historical Geography of Ancient Thrace, GIS in Archaeology and Ancient History

Selected Publications:


  1. History of the Thracian Chersonese (from the Trojan War until the time of the Roman Conquest). Red. P. Delev (in Bulg., with Engl. summary). Veliko Tarnovo: Faber 2008 (ISBN 978–954–400–001–1).


  1. V. Nikolov, G. Nekhrizov, J. Tzvetkova (eds.). Rescue Excavations along the Railroad Plovdiv-Svilengrad in 2004. (in Bulg., with Engl. summaries) Veliko Tarnovo: Faber 2006.
  2. V. Nikolov, G. Nekhrizov, J. Tzvetkova (eds.). Rescue Excavations along the Railroad Plovdiv-Svilengrad in 2005. (in Bulg., with Engl. summaries) Veliko Tarnovo: Faber 2008.


  1. An Archaeological Overview of the Middle Mesta Region. The Prehistoric and Thracian Periods. In: Koprivlen, vol. I. Rescue Archaeological Investigations along the Gotse Devchev – Drama Road 1998-1999. A. Bojhkova, P. Delev (eds.). Sofia 2002, 41-50.
  2. Flaviopolis auf der Thrakischen Chersones (zu Plin. nat. 4.11.47-48) (in Bulg. with German summary). Jubilaeus V. Sammelband in honorem Prof. Margatitae Tacheva, Sofia 2002, 394-398.
  3. Die Münzprägung der Thrakischen Chersones – Probleme der Chronologie und Periodisierung (in Bulg. with German summary). In: Acta Musei Varnesis ІІ. Numismatic and Sphragistic Contributions to History of the Western Black Sea Coast, International Conference, Varna September 12-15, 2001. Varna 2004, 17-31.
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  11. Archaeological GIS: Kazanlak Surface Survey in 2009-2011 (co-authored with G. Nekhrizov and N. Kecheva). in: Proceedings of the First European SCGIS Conference “Best practices: Application of GIS technologies for conservation of natural and cultural heritage sites” 21-23 May 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria, p. 53-62 http://proc.scgis.scgisbg.org/S2-1_Nekhrizov.pdf