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The yearbook is referenced in RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), CEEOL


(Central and Eastern European Online Library) and Google Scholar.


The Business Faculty's Yearbook at RePEc


The Yearbook of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library)










Zdravka Andonova – Models for managing crisis communication: аpplicability of political


organizations .... 5


Iliyana Ankova – Public sector accounting hight education in Bulgaria .... 27


Bancho Banov – Five social contracts – problems and solutions for Bulgaria 43


Olympia Vedar – Didactic and methodical aspects of formation and development of


communication skills among futute managers (part two) 53


Maria Vidolova – Standards and risk in the banking sphere. Opportunities to measure


market risk ..... 73


Raya Kanazireva – Socially Responsible Investment: Potential for Sustainable


Entrepreneurship 107


Toni Kondzhov – Economic analysis of the market of paintings (oil painting) .. 129


Yiannis Contoyiannis, Michael Hanias, Lykourgos Magafas – The study of capital decline


on the number of successive transactions in the real economy . 141


Neviana Krasteva – Co creation of Value as a Trend in Contemporary Marketing ... 149


Bozhidar Nedev – Behavioral biases and their influence on the actions of investors . 169


Teodora Peneva – Energy poverty in Bulgaria ..... 188


Teodor Sedlarski – Political economy of social status: Economic and socio-psychological


effects of status competition on ‘Winner-take-all’ markets . 211


Petar Tashev – Factors, affecting decisions for professional facility management services .. 279


Galina Tchalakova-Todorova – Factors influencing retail pricing of liquid fuels in


Bulgarian fuel market .... 293


Mariya Trifonova – Renewable energy sector development in Bulgaria – an institutional


analysis ... 311