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The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” is the author of an innovative master's program “Gamification in the business, public and non-governmental sector”. The second graduating class of the initial program first delivered training in the academic discipline “Project for Gamification of Business Processes” for the academic year, at the TechnoMagicLand Interactive Center for Science and Technology under the leadership of Assist. Prof. Aleksey Potebnia.

This is possible thanks to the bilateral agreement that was entered into last year between the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the center. Students will receive special training from the TechnoMagicLand team.


Students in the program will have many more hours of academic course work in the first semester, including:

  • “Gamification in learning and business” with team: Hon. Prof. Dr. Victoria Dimitrova, Hon. Rev. Dr. Tinka Koneva and Hon. Rev. Teodor Daskalov;
  • “Integrated marketing communications and gamification in digital marketing” under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Sonia Mileva;
  • “Online marketing research” with a team: Assoc. Ph.D.Sc. Anton Gerunov and Ch. Assistant Dr. Iliya Atanasov;
  • “Psychological foundations of gamification” with Prof. Ph.D. Natalia Aleksandrova;
  • “The construction of characters in gamification”, where the foundation of the academic experience of Prof. D.Sc. Nevyana Krasteva will be complemented by the remarkable experience and knowledge of the Bulgarian master of comics Daniel Atanasov – Satanasov.


The interactive center for science and technology operates approaches in learning, giving opportunities to implement different models of pedagogical interaction and leadership. In acquiring the knowledge of what Johan Huysingha calls “homo ludens” or “playing man”, the interactive exhibition designed for training, technique and software that can realize gamification projects of different complexity and degree of difficulty will be used.

Within the framework of the one-year master's program, students will have the opportunity to build on the concept of “game”, connecting it to the conceptual framework of culture, management, business, learning, as well as to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest conceptual models for gamification with solid practical work.