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The project "The occupations that will save the world" aims to build on the achievements and to supplement the mechanism for interaction between the educational institution, citizens and civil organizations at the local level.

With the implementation of the project, an opportunity will be created for organizing meetings between students and teachers from schools in the capital city Sofia with representatives of the academic institutions and the business, who will introduce them to the needs for development of a green economy.

Students and teachers are going to participate in discussions and workshops on green economy topics. An opportunity is going to be created for the young people to take the next step towards a more sustainable future.

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A model of a good practice is the UK “Green Careers Hub” that shows how awareness of green skills, green jobs and green economy empowers young people to be part of the solution to climate change, biodiversity loss, the crisis with plastic waste and other environmental challenges.

The project is financed by the "Europe" 2023 Program of the Sofia Municipality. The leading organization is the "Kauzi" foundation in partnership with SU "St. Kliment Ohridski".

Project activities:

  • Creation of a manual-training program "Green Career" aimed at the general public, institutions, citizens, business, etc.;
  • Good practices for interaction between the local government, the civil sector and educational institutions for improving the quality of life in the capital through trainings and campaigns;
  • Increasing public engagement for career inclusion and limiting valuable emissions, activated citizens for actions in this direction by creating awareness on the topics;
  • Increasing knowledge about sustainability and green economics;
  • Development of "green" skills and competences;
  • Creating connections between young people, employers, teachers;
  • Creation of an information portal introducing green industries and professions.
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