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The Kaufland IT HUB team has developed a case study for the course "Analytical tools for large data sets in business", which is taught in the master's programs "Modeling big data in business and finance" and "Accounting and big data analysis". The case was presented in a virtual environment by Pencho Dobrev - Head of "BI, AI & Data Services", Kaufland IT HUB and FEBA’s alumni and Yordan Manchev - data scientist, "BI, AI & Data Services “, Kaufland IT HUB. Ivan Georgiev - Manager of Kaufland IT HUB also took part in the event.




The case is based on a real business problem, the solution of which requires an integrated application of appropriately selected analytical techniques for processing and modeling big data. After the presentation of the case, the students formed teams and by the end of the semester will work on the preparation of innovative solutions under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Boryana Bogdanova, Ph.D. and Pencho Dobrev. The best team representatives will be given the opportunity to present their results to the management of Kaufland IT HUB.