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On May 16, a guest lecture was held by Branimir Stefanov, founder of the company Proptes - a startup that has set itself the goal of improving the conditions in which we all work, within the master's program "Facility Management".


Branimir graduated with master's degree in Facility Management in 2022 and came as a guest lecturer a year later. He presented Proptes' innovative platform, which offers a complete solution for monitoring air quality by measuring many important indicators for human health - volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, fine dust particles, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, noise, and illumination. According to Branimir, monitoring these indicators should be important to all facility managers and companies that want building users to breathe clean and fresh air, get sick less, and be more energetic and productive.

"Health is really our most important and valuable asset. Without health, we can neither work nor enjoy life. Therefore, our main goal is to work and live in a clean and healthy environment, especially indoors," he says.