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In two solemn ceremonies held in the Rectory Hall, 339 bachelors and masters from the class of 2022 of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) received their diplomas for completed higher education. 53 have a GPA above 5.50, five are full honors. The graduates of the Bachelor's programs "Economics and Finance (French program)" and "Business Administration (French program)" received their diplomas from Prof. Dr. François-Olivier Seys, Dean of the Faculty of Economic, Social and Regional Sciences at the University of Lille.

The celebrations were opened by the Dean of FEBA, Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev. In his speech, he appealed to the graduates to think about what they received from their teachers and colleagues, to thank them for it, and wished them to maintain and develop their relationships in the next stages of their lives. “Increasingly in our modern role, we must not only teach you, but encourage you to learn more from each other. Don't stop doing it every year of your life", said the Dean. Associate Professor Dr. Georgiev specially congratulated the graduates for choosing to study at the FEBA. "This is the most prestigious economics and business faculty in Bulgaria’‘, he added.

Photos from the graduation can be found here - BACHELORS and MASTERS.

"You are already alumni and you are part of the biggest social network in Bulgaria. Stay pride with the title of Bachelor and Master of the FEBA and be our ambassadors among Bulgarian and international companies and institutions, in foreign universities and in society in general", the Dean addressed the graduates.


In his speech, he also talked about the symbols of the university diploma and advised the graduates to set new goals and to keep improving. He called on them to be agents of positive change in the communities in which we live. He thanked the students, faculty, administrators, parents of the graduates and the business organizations present and wished them success.

The Vice-Rector of the university Assoc. Prof. Georgi Valchev congratulated the graduated bachelors, their teachers and guests on behalf of the rector's leadership and on his own. "If we, as teachers, have managed to impress upon you how little humanity knows and that is why its drive for knowledge is so strong, then we have done our job. If we have armed you with the means and the initial knowledge with which to deal independently with the challenges that accompany every personal development and the development of the world, then we have done our job", said Associate Professor Valchev.


"The modern environment tells you that you have to be constantly successful, that the dream position has to come almost at the first opportunity, that the high salary has to start with your first positions. Colleagues, professionalism is built with work", he said.

Assoc. Prof. Aneta Antonova, Vice-Rector of Sofia University, congratulated the masters of the FEBA and pointed out that this is a transition day for them, when their real professional development begins.

Graduates of the Bachelor's programs "Economics and Finance (French program)" and "Business Administration (French program)" received their diplomas from Prof. Dr. François-Olivier Seys, Dean of the Faculty of Economic, Social and Regional Sciences at the University of Lille. He expressed his joy to be present at the event and pointed out that this partnership started in 1996. He traced its development over the years and noted that it exists thanks to the diligent daily work of many colleagues.

He thanked his French colleagues, who are still present at the event - Prof. Laurent Cordonnier and Prof. Jean-Jacques Novak, who actively participate in the realization of the double diploma, and emphasized that he is proud of the successful cooperation.

As part of the solemn ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Zlatinov, Vice Dean of FEBA and head of the Department of Economics, which celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2022, also delivered a greeting. On the occasion of the celebration of the department and in connection with the outstanding contribution of the management and teachers at the University of Lille, plaques of appreciation were presented.

An important highlight of the ceremony was the role of business in the educational programs of the FEBA. The faculty's celebration was also honored by Kalin Hadjidimov, managing partner of KPMG Bulgaria.

On behalf of the business, Fikri Kiper, Director of Human Resources at ACIBADEM City Clinic, congratulated the masters and expressed his confidence that they received an excellent education.

A graduate of FEBA and current business partner of the faculty, Pencho Dobrev, director of "Artificial Intelligence and Data" at "Schwarz IT Bulgaria", welcomed the masters.

During the two ceremonies, the important role of the Alumni Club of the FEBA was highlighted. Alexander Alexandrov - chairman of the Alumni Club, congratulated the graduating bachelors on their successful graduation, wished them many future successes and invited them to become part of the Alumni Club.

Assoc. Prof. Boryana Bogdanova invited the graduates to attend the Career Event of the faculty, which will be held on May 31, 2023 at the faculty. More than 40 leading employers in the country will participate in it.

The graduates also joined the celebration with greetings. On behalf of the graduating bachelors, Borislava Praskova, one of the valedictorians of the graduating class, notes that today they are completing an important stage in their lives and should be proud of everything they have achieved. Milen Hamparov - representative of the graduates from the University of Lille, addressed the managements of the two universities and thanked them for the existence of this program.


On behalf of the masters, Hristiyan Markov expressed gratitude to the Dean of the faculty, to the teachers and to his colleagues. The ceremonies continued with the awarding of diplomas.

The management of the faculty expresses their gratitude to the students who assisted during the ceremony: Boris Dimov (scepter bearer), Ioana Kostova, Natalie Arnaudova, Boyana Hristova, Zornitsa Plugarova.