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An inspiring lecture on leadership and global change was given by Mr. Georgi Toshev on March 18, as part of the Leadership in a Multicultural Environment course. Mr. Toshev presented an analysis of leaders who managed to change the world in the context of business, society, religion and art. The lecture, that lasted for more than two astronomical hours, covered a wide range of topics: leadership and choices; the difference between leadership and pseudo-leadership; the responsibility - not only when we meet success, but also when we encounter failure; the courage, the definite professional expertise and the ability of the leader to change himself/herself by changing the others.

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"Meaning is generated with heart and mind. And success requires a pinch of confidence!”, shared Mr. Toshev.

Conversation and reflections form personal meetings with leaders from the world stage and elite, built the argumentation of Mr. Toshev in his messages to young people. The lecturer emphasized that the choice to be a leader is a deep personal conviction and when we talk about leadership, the most important question is "How?", because this question contains both action and history. Successful leadership requires a strategy that includes analyzing the present and looking to the future without rushing to an outcome at any cost. Leadership is and personal position, it involves interaction with others and participating in the disputes of the time.

Georgi Toshev is a journalist, writer, producer, art manager, and entrepreneur. He manages diverse teams, he has extensive experience in an international context, he is the producer of leading television formats. He cognizes, communicates, and collaborates with leaders from the international cultural and social elite.