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Deyan Bezlov who is currently an entrepreneur in brewing, was a guest- lecturer on March 16 within the course of Business statistics in the master’s program Business Administration (Strategic Management) and Business Administration (Human Resources Development) held by Prof. Dr. Georgi Chobanov. Deyan is also co-founder of Dorst, a craft beer that is produced in Bulgaria and a statistic in Infineum, UK. He graduated from Sofia High School of Mathematics and Warwick University, UK.


Even in times of quarantine, FEBA continues its active partnership with business in order to diversify learning process and to help students in their future career path.


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Deyan talked about the diverse business applications of statistics from his experience – machine oil testing, training and forecasting and shared what challenges he faced in his business with the craft beer and his work as a consultant for a drone company. Deyan is a typical example of the term multipreneur.


The video chat was made via Microsoft Teams. This program allows access to non-university members and screen sharing to all members of the meeting not just the lecturer as it is with BigBlueButton.