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ESO EAD is starting a program for paid summer internships for students studying in all specialties in higher education institutions in the country and abroad.



The aim of the internship program is to make a socially responsible, effective connection between the business and the education. ESO's initiative is aimed at providing valuable practical experience and career opportunities for young professionals in an advanced company in the energy sector. Paid internships, lasting up to 3 months, will be held in the period from June 1st to September 30th and will provide the opportunity for the students to apply their knowledge in a real work environment and to enrich what they have learned through an experience outside the classrooms.

Each ESO trainee will have an individual mentor to support them with advice and professional guidance. ESO mentors will undergo a special training program. Students will have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills from the best experts in the field of energy among ESO employees. The ESO internship program is an active tool for training the necessary staff for the sector among young professionals, as well as a link between business and academic education in response to the modern staffing needs of the energy industry.