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ESG Academy, ESG Lab, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, and "24 chasa" newspaper announce a partnership in support of responsible entrepreneurship. The project carried out with the assistance of the Association of Sustainability Specialists, will continue in the next 12 months with the main goal of promoting and validating responsible entrepreneurship practices in Bulgaria.

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As part of the project, every Monday newspaper "24 chasa" is going to publish print and online texts about ESG in a new column dedicated to the topic. With the assistance of FEBA, the articles will explain the important role of ESG indicators, with which businesses in our country must already comply, both in a social and legislative sense.

ESG - E (environmental) - ecological, S (social) - social, G (governance). These three pillars are what ESG refers to when measuring business sustainability. This means that companies must take care of the planet by controlling their environmental impact and reducing harmful emissions, take care of their employees, their labor rights, but also the work-life balance, suppliers, customers, health and safety, to ensure transparent management, compliance with legislation, internal control, and adequate remuneration.

ESG introduces the obligation for companies to publish non-financial reports based on these factors.

Through its partnership with "24 chasa", the team of FEBA believes that is taking a step forward in its mission to introduce and educate more in the field of sustainable development and responsible entrepreneurship.