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The fifth “Energy Management” summer school was held jointly by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and “Utilities” magazine on August 30-31, 2022. The school was held in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and was attended by 35 students, doctoral students and young specialists from energy companies.

The event was supported by the sponsors AES Bulgaria, Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange, KonturGlobal Maritsa East 3, National Electric Company, TotalEnergy EP Bulgaria and Overgas.

The opening of the summer school was attended by Assoc. Dr. Atanas Georgiev, head of the master's program “Energy Markets and Services” and dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, and Konstantin Konstantinov, executive director of “Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange” EAD. In their greetings, they noted the need for practical training for young experts in the sector. Assoc. Prof. Georgiev also presented the master's program “Energy Markets and Services”, which recruits candidates for its new graduating class by the second half of September every year. The summer school is one of the initiatives build on the positive experience of the master's program in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in its 17-year history.

The aim of the summer school is to provide participants from the energy sector with quality post-graduate training, through up-to-date information on the fundamentals, practice, and developments in the context of management in the energy sector. Additionally, through high interactivity, we aim for the training to serve as an opportunity to exchange experiences and build connections, both between the participants themselves and between the different speakers, sponsors and organizers. The participants who successfully completed the summer school received certificates from the Center for Educational Services (CSE) at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.


Speakers in this year's edition were:

  • Prof. Dr. Atanas Georgiev, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and Editor-in-Chief of “Utilities” magazine
  • Yves Liu Stanf, manager of TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria;
  • Ivan Tsankov, executive director, AES Bulgaria;
  • Dr. Ivaylo Naydenov, Executive Director, Bulgarian Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers (BFIEK);
  • Konstantin Konstantinov, Executive Director, Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange (IBEX);
  • Krasimir Zhivachki, Executive Secretary, Association of Energy Traders in Bulgaria (ATEB);
  • Lyuben Marinov, executive director, Kozloduy NPP – New capacities EAD;
  • Martin Georgiev, Executive Director, National Electric Company (NEK);
  • Miroslav Rizov, relay protection and automation engineer at Schneider Electric Bulgaria;
  • Nikola Gazdov, Chairman of the Board, Association for Production, Storage and Trade in Electricity (APSTE);
  • Adv. Nikolay Kiskinov, Managing Partner, “Vladimirov Kiskinov” Law Firm;
  • Adv. Pavlin Stoyanov, Law – Energy and Technologies, Visiaw;
  • Todor Matev, Head of “Projects and Methodology”, “Electrohold Sales”.

The participants of the fifth summer school “Energy Management” got acquainted with the topics of the electricity exchange trade, the electricity market, the challenges in the management of projects for new nuclear capacities, the European energy policy, the licensing processes in the energy sector, good practices in the construction of RES-projects etc.

The questions that were most frequently asked by the participants were related to the challenges of the energy transition, the extremely high prices of energy resources, the details of the implementation of investment projects for various energy capacities, the forecasts, and scenarios for the development of national and European energy, policies and regulations etc.

All students had the opportunity to participate in the school for free thanks to the companies that supported the initiative. NEK EAD also provided 3 annual subscriptions for “Utilities” magazine for participants in the school.


In the fall of 2022, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration will accept students for the 18th time in the master's program “Energy Markets and Services”. The program is offered only as part-time study and is 2 semesters long for both economists and non-economists. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration successfully offers this and other programs (such as “Facility Management”, “Responsible and Sustainable Governance”, etc.) for working specialists and managers in the field of energy, utility services, sustainable development, etc. To date, the EPU program has over 350 graduates, almost 100% of whom have been employed in the energy and utility industries.

The master's program “Energy Markets and Services” at the Department of “Economics and Management by Sectors” is implemented with the active assistance and support of the energy, infrastructure and utility companies in Bulgaria. During the entire period of development of the program, from 2005 to today, several prominent sector experts and experienced managers were brought in to share theoretical and practical sessions with the students. Guest speakers from leading European energy centers and utility companies are also invited to participate in the program of the specialty. Several joint initiatives were also held with leading companies and institutions, such as guest lectures by the European Investment Bank, ad-hoc courses by the French energy company TOTAL Energies, postgraduate qualifications with “Utilities” magazine, etc.

Deadlines for the final stage of application: from 19 to 27 September 2022.

For application and more information: https://bit.ly/energy-markets

Director of the program: Assoc. Dr. Atanas Georgiev - ageorgiev@feb.uni-sofia.bg

Program coordinator: Chief Assist. Dr. Maria Trifonova – mgtrifonova@feb.uni-sofia.bg