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Chief Assistant Professor Dr. Mariya Trifonova from the Department of Industrial Economics and Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA), Sofia University presented the results of techno-economic evaluation of the Bulgarian potential for the development of offshore wind energy during a hearing in the energy committee of the Bulgarian Parliament that took place on 9 March, 2022 (link to the recording of the session)


The analysis was conducted by the Center for the Study of Democracy with Dr. Trifonova being the main researcher contributing to the assessment which could be found on CSD webpage.

Ambassadors of Romania, Brandusa Joanna Predescu, and of the United Kingdom, Rob Dixon, joined the discussion with an overview of the experience of the two countries in the sector. MPs from all political parties were united in its support for the creation of a new special legislative framework, which will be the basis for the development of the offshore wind sector in Bulgaria.


Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski could contribute to the efficient, sustainable and mutually beneficial expansion of offshore wind energy in the Bulgarian territorial waters with its research competencies in social, economic, technological and environmental aspects.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration has established sound knowledge base in renewable energy economics, renewable technology value chains, regulatory design, financial modeling and stakeholder engagement.

As participant in the EURO-ARGO, the Faculty of Physics is currently establishing research infrastructure for Sustainable Development in the Field of Marine Research aimed at providing scientific equipment, facilities, databases, specialized scientific laboratories and centers connected necessary for the scientific community to conduct modern, high-quality and competitive marine technologies research and exchange.