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Head of the group

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Grozev



Group members

Prof. DSc. Konstantin Balashev


Assist. Prof. Dr. Kristina Mircheva


Assist. Prof. Dr. Petar Georgiev


Dr Silvia Simeonova


Prof. DSc Ivan Panaiotov (Emeritus)


Prof. DSc Christian Vassilieff (Emeritus)


Prof. Dr. Tzvetanka Ivanova (Emeritus)



Research interests

Study of the state, electrical and rheological properties of the model 2D-systems: monolayers, liposomial bilayers and suspensions. Interfacial and temporal organization of the lipolysis. Mechanisms of degradation of the polyesters and lipid micro- and nano-capsules. Photochemical reactions at the interface. State, electrical and rheological properties of the biopolymer model monolayers from the plant kingdom. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).


International cooperation

Laboratory of Enzymology at Interfaces and Physiology of Lipolysis, CNRS, Marseilles, France

Laboratory of Particle Vectorisation, University of Angers, France

Laboratory of Enzyme Design, Novo Nordisk, Denmark

Nanoscience Center, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Teaching activity

The Laboratory is engaged in the education of students from all academic levels

B. Sc. courses

Lectures and practical exercises in: physical chemistry and colloidal chemistry

M. Sc. courses

Master program: Biophysical Chemistry in Medicine and Pharmacology

Lectures and practical exercises in: Biophysical Chemistry, Colloidal dispersions in medicine and pharmacy

Master Thesis

PhD Thesis


Selected papers

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