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Head: Prof. Dr. Elena Vasileva

Room 650, Phone (+359 2) 8161 209

e-mail evassileva@chem.uni-sofia.bg



Research Groups


The Department was founded in 1899 as Department of Chemical Technology and Agricultural Chemistry by Prof. Georgi Kolushky (1864-1944), its first Head till 1935. Prof. Kolushky had been reading lectures on chemical technology since 1891. He wrote the first textbook of organic technology and 55 publications in the area of chemical industry, education and economics.

From 1935 to 1958 Head of the Department was Acad. Georgi Rankov (1896-1968). His scientific heritage includes several monographs, 72 publications and more than 100 applied research projects mainly in the field of the chemistry and technology of fats. His fundamental contributions to the study of catalytic cis-trans isomerization of unsaturated aliphatic acids are well known.

The Department participates in teaching students offering courses in Chemical technology, High-molecular compounds, Modelling of chemical processes, Spectral methods in chemistry, Chemistry and technology of foods. Several specializing elective courses in areas from the scientific focus of the Department have being read.


The research efforts of the staff have led to scientific achievements in many fields of chemical science and technology.


Research areas: Chemistry and Technology of Biologically Active Heterocyclic Compounds; Applied Molecular Spectroscopy; Polymer Science; Synthesis of Dyes for High-Tech Application; Computational Chemistry.