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Phone: (+359 2) 8167 311
E-mail: hgagov@abv.bg


Department of Human and Animal Physiology,

Faculty of Biology, Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’,

8 Dragan Tzankov blvd., 1164 Sofia

Degrees 2012 - Professor, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"
Teaching activities in Bachelor degree Lectures in Human physiology and in Animal and human physiology
Teaching activities in Master degree Lectures and seminars in Physiology of excitable cells and in Nerve cell
Other activities and responsibilities

Head of Department of Animal and Human Physiology, Head of Laboratory of Excitable Cells, Vice-dean of International and Scientific Affairs, and of PhD Students

Cell signaling; Smooth muscle cells; Adipose tissue; Patch clamp method; Myography; Fluorescence; Hormones; Heart physiology and regulation; Diabetes; Aging; Metal and carbon nanoparticles; Gas mediators: NO, H2S, CO; Ca2+ sensitization/desensitization.

Research interests  
Selected publications  

1. Emilova, R., Dimitrova, D., Mladenov, M., Daneva, T., Schubert, R., Gagov, H. 2014. Cystathionine gamma-lyase of perivascular adipose tissue with reversed regulatory effect in diabetic rat artery. Biotechnol Biotechnol Eq. (in press). DOI:10.1080/13102818.2014.991565

2. Lech, A., Daneva, T., Pashova, S., Gagov, H., Crayton, R., Kukwa, W., Czarnecka, A.M., Szczylik, C. (2013) Ovarian cancer as a genetic disease. Front Biosci. 18 (2): 543-563.

3. Olga Zavaritskaya, Nadezda Voblova, Johanna Schleifenbaum, Torsten Gloe, Reinhard Kluge, Mitko Mladenov, Hristo Gagov, Gabor Fesüs, Christopher S. Crean, Maik Gollasch, Rudolf Schubert. (2013) Vascular and antihypertensive effects of synthetic KCNQ channel openers in spontaneously hypertensive rats and New Zealand obese mice. Hypertension. 61: 151-159.

4. Loukanov AR, Gagov H. (2012) High-resolution subunit detection of glutamate receptor by ultrasmall gold nanoparticles. Microsc Res Tech. 75(9): 1159-1164.

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9. Pfitzer G, Lubomirov LT, Reimann K, Gagov H, Schubert R (2006) Regulation of the crossbridge cycle in vascular smooth muscle by cAMP signalling. J Muscle Res Cell Motil. 27(5-7): 445-54. IF 2.214

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13. R. Schubert; U. Krien; I. Wulfsen; D. Schiemann; G. Lehmann; N. Ulfig; R. Veh; J. Schwarz, H. Gagov (2004) Nitric oxide donor sodium nitroprusside dilates rat small arteries by activation of inward rectifier potassium channels. Hypertension 43(4): 891-6.

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27. H. Gagov, D. Duridanova, K. Boev (1993) Inhibition of calcium current in ileal cells by cyclopiazonic acid and ryanodine. Eur. J. Pharmacol. 243: 19-24.


Member of the Bulgarian Physiological Society

Editor in Chief of Book №3 of Annuaire de l’Universite de Sofia, Faculty of Biology