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Topics for conversation

1. Biophysics of membranes

1. 1. Biological membranes - structure. Hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity. Phase transitions in lipids, dependence on lipid composition. Membrane proteins: types, topology, mobility. Intermolecular interactions in biological membranes.

1. 2. Biological membranes - membrane transport. Types: simple and facilitated diffusion, passive and active transport, primary and secondary active transport. Charged particle transport mechanisms. Ion channels in biological membranes. Active transport - K+, Na+ ATPase; proton transfer mechanism.

2. Bioenergy

2. 1. Energy Transformation in biological membranes. Electron transport chains in mitochondrial membranes - components and location. Mechanisms of energy coupling - electrochemical gradient of protons in mitochondrial and photosynthetic membranes. ATP-synthase complex, structure and mode of operation.

2. 2. Photosynthesis. Light phase of photosynthesis. Photosynthetic reaction centers: structure, primary donor and acceptor, primary photochemical reaction. Photosystem 1 and Photosystem 2. Energy coupling in photosynthetic membranes (cyclic and non-cyclic photophosphorylation).

3. Molecular biophysics

3. 1. Structure of biomolecules - proteins and nucleic acids; Intermolecular interactions.

3. 2. The role of water for the formation of the structures of biomolecules

3. 3. Free radical processes in biology. Types of free radicals, mechanisms of formation. Active forms of O2. Superoxide dismutase. Lipid peroxidation - oxidative chain reactions.

4. Radiation biophysics

Interaction of electrically charged particles with the substance. Electromagnetic radiation – photoelectric and Compton effects, formation of electron-positron pair. Interaction of neutrons with matter. Development of radiation damage. Radiosensitivity: phylogenetic, ontogenetic and tissue.