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Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Valentina Ganeva
tel .: (02) 8167 237
e-mail: valentinaganeva@abv.bg

Secretary: Assistant Boyana Angelova
e-mail: angelova_bd@uni-sofia.bg

Form of training: full-time (government procurement and paid training)

Term of study: 3 semesters

The training is carried out according to an approved curriculum and provides the MSci students with multifaceted professional realization in various fields of biology and its applied aspects, requiring advanced knowledge in biophysics.

The training of MSci students requires independence, initiative and creates opportunities for improving their practical skills. In this way, through training in the department, students are given the opportunity to work in research laboratories at Sofia University, Agriculture Academy, Medical centers, Medical universities and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The training is conducted in English. The program includes studying and taking exams/current assessment in 8 compulsory and 4 elective courses (selected from a total of 10 proposed), development and defense of a thesis. The training process by semesters is structured as follows:

First semester: 4 compulsory; 1 elective course,

Second semester: 3 compulsory, 3 elective courses and study practice.

Third semester: 1 compulsory - pre-diploma workshop, elaboration of a scientific project and defense of a diploma thesis.


Professional competencies

  1. Gaining in-depth knowledge of the structure and function of biological systems at different levels of their organization - from submolecular to molecular, cellular to population, as well as studying modern aspects of biophysics of evolution, processes of self-organization and morphogenesis.
  2. Skills for conducting biophysical experiments and research in the field of molecular and cell/membrane biophysics, integrative approach to biological systems (at the level of tissues, organs and organisms), environmental influence and biophysical aspects of interaction of organisms at the superorganism level (population). Biophysical approaches for studying the organization of biosystems, as well as obtaining theoretical knowledge based on the biophysics of self-organization, morphogenesis and evolution.
  3. Analysis of the data obtained from the experiments and their interpretation and work in an environment close to that in research institutes and manufacturing enterprises
  4. Skills for project development and implementation.
  5. Skills for teamwork, decision making and initiative.


Professional realization

Graduates of the master's program in biophysics can continue their education in the next level of education - doctoral studies. Due to the fact that biophysics is a fundamental biological science with a field of application in various divisions of animal biology, plant biology and microbiology, the acquired knowledge allows realization and career prospects in appropriate educational and research institutions, such as scientific institutes of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgarian Agriculture Academy and Medical Universities, Biomedical institutions dealing with basic and applied research; in specialized units related to human and veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical laboratories, in companies - manufacturers and distributors of biomedical equipment; in enterprises whose activity is related to biotechnological productions, in units related to human and veterinary medicine; in agriculture; in the systems for monitoring and protection of the environment, state and municipal bodies for ecological control, etc.