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Head of master’s program: Assоc. Prof. Lyuben Zagorchev
phone: 359 2 8167 337
е-mаil: lzagorchev@biofac.uni-sofia.bg

Duration: 3 semesters, starts in Winter semester
Form of teaching: full-time, paid

  • Educational objectives

With the Master’s program in Molecular Agrobiotechnology we offer our students profound training and extended knowledge with an accent on the application of contemporary knowledge and skills, aquired from the diverse biological disciplines in the area of agrobiolgy. This program aims to build a bridge between contemporary molecular biology and modern agriculture. Graduated master students acquire knowledge and practical skills in application of classic and modern technologies in molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology and biochemistry for accomplishment of fundamental scientific projects as well as applied tasks for the needs of contemporary agriculture.

  • Description

The teaching process is focused on studying the latest developments in the life sciences. Particular attention is paid to the introduction to modern methods in the field of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, molecular markers and plant biotechnology.

  • Professional Qualifications

Graduated Masters acquire knowledge and skills in the field of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, molecular markers and plant biotechnology. They acquire professional competence for application of recombinant DNA technology in genome analysis, using biochemical and physico-chemical methods in proteomic and metabolomic analysis, the use of plants for the synthesis of biologically active substances and others.

  • Professional Realization

Students graduated in the Master program in Agrobiotechnology can continue their studies in the scientific degree "doctor" in the specialties of the Faculty of Biology or to make a career as teachers, experts or specialists in various research institutes, universities, public administration and in the production sector (companies and organizations that are related to the operation of plant resources, plant biotechnology, pharmacy, ecophysiology, etc.).

  • Terms of acceptance

The Master programme Molecular Agrobiotechnology requires applicants to have basic knowledge and skills acquired in the general courses on plant physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, confirmed by the Bachelor degree in the professional field 4.3 Biological Sciences, 5.11 Biotechnology, 6.1 Plant breeding, 5.12 Food Technology or 4.2 Chemical sciences.