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The cultural programme is open for students, lecturers, and guests. It is part of the Year of Sofia cultural programme, and aims to promote the Alma Mater as a place for creative and talented people, with traditions in supporting their development.

Cultural Programme Part 1

"The Seven Arts Visit": renowned writers, dancers, actors,artists, musicians and designers visit Alma Mater.

14.10.2008, 18:00

Sofia University Yard

"Candidate Student and First-Year Student Day", an opening address by the Rector.

Percussion workshop, visiting orchestra 3+3 of the National High School for Music "Lubomir Pipkov", directed by Iskra and Maria Palieva. The production will be joined by other percussionists, then by all who would like to join it. You can expect improvisation, hot rhythms, and lots of fun! You can join with your own instruments.

After the percussion workshop is the student Toga-party "Masks off!" organized by Cultural Studies student club "Iron-clad".


15.10.2008, 19:00

Sofia University New Theatre Hall

"Contemporary Bulgarian Choreographers". Olosya Pantikina, Boryana Sechanova, and Mila Iskrenova present the latest performances of the ballet "Arabesk". The dancers of the ballet will present musical plays and fragments on masterpieces by Samuel Barber, Carl Orff, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Piazzolla, and Angel Kotev.


22.10.2008, 20:00

Sofia University New Theatre Hall

"Once in the theatre", an invited talk with Itzko Fintzi, with music and stories.

Visual Arts

29.10.2008, 17:00

Rectorate, the South Wing corridor

"Mind your step!", opening of the exhibition of Institute of Contemporary Arts. Curator Yara Bubnova. Starring: Nedko Solakov, Lachezar Boyadziev, Kiril Prashkov, Pravdoljub Ivanov, Kalin Serapionov, Mariela Gemisheva, Maria Vassileva, Ivo Mudov, Krassimir Terziev, Stefan Nikolaev, Yara Bubnova. The exhibition is open until 25th November, 2008.


05.11.2008, 18:00

Rectorate, ground floor foyer, South Wing

Fashion-show "Cyrillic Alphabet" - a visit paid by specialty "Fashion" of the National Art Academy, Head of Department Prof. Gredi Assa. Author: Maya Bogdanova. Participants: first and third year students of the specialty.


13.11.2008, 19:00

Sofia University New Theatre Hall

Yavor Gardev, Emil Christov, Vladislav Todorov present their new film "Dzift", awarded at the Moscow International Film Festival.


19.11.2008, 17:00

Rectorate, 65 auditorium

Grand Poetry Reading (a replica of the reading of the decedent poets in December, 1989). 30 Bulgarian poets will take part, both participants in the decedent reading and young poets.


Cultural Programme - Part 2 Sofia University Production


Musical events

29.10.2008, 20:00

Sofia University New Theatre Hall

Music jam session: lecturers unplugged, students unplugged. All who would like to participate please apply at: 120uni.sofia@gmail.com, stating their experience and describe the performance.

18.12.2008, 18:00

Rectorate, Aula

A concert, devoted to the 120th Anniversary of Sofia University and the 25th Anniversary for old music "St Kliment Ohridski"


Theatre events

University Theatre Performances @lma@lter

02 – 07.10.2008


Art-tests for the newly admitted students who will be introduced interactively to the Sofia University art space. Students are invited to assess their "Art Status" through questionnaires, workshops, performances, etc.

10:00–12:00 and 14:00–16:00

Arranging interviews, initiatives, and information desks: Rectorate, the faculties.

10 – 14.11.2008, 10:00 – 20:30

Sofia University New Theatre Hall

International art forum of contemporary art "Alter Ego" - thearte and dance performances, exhibitions, round table and debates.


University Theatre @lma@lter performances
For more information: http://almaalter.hit.bg/

October, 19:00

Sofia University New Theatre Hall

01.10.2008 – "Orpheus" (Bulgarian version)

02.10.2008 – "The Great Sinful Woman" (Bulgarian version)

03.10.2008 – "Orpheus" (English version)

04.10.2008 – "The Great Sinful Woman" (English version)

05.10.2008 – "The Impossible You, the Impossible Me"

06.10.2008 – Casting for new members of the company @lma@lter (start – 18:00)

07.10.2008 – Casting for new members of the company @lma@lter (start – 18:00)

08.10.2008 – "@lma@lter Session“

13.10.2008 – "The Young Lice-Man Sufferings"

17.10.2008 – "A White square on a white field"

20.10.2008 – "The Young Lice-Man Sufferings"

23.10.2008 – "The Impossible You, the Impossible Me"

27.10.2008 – "Orpheus" (Bulgarian version)

28.10.2008 – "The Great Sinful Woman" (Bulgarian version)

30.10.2008 – "Geo -Ego"

31.10.2008 – "Oh, Broadway, Broadway"

November, 19:00

Sofia University New Theatre Hall

03.11.2008 – "Ofa"

04.11.2008 – "No Words"

06.11.2008 – "The Impossible You, the Impossible Me"

07.11.2008 – "The Great Sinful Woman"

08.11.2008 – „@lma@lter Session“

14.11.2008 – "Oh, Broadway, Broadway"

15.11.2008 – "Ofa"

18.11.2008 – "The Impossible You, the Impossible Me"

20.11.2008 – "Geo - Ego"

21.11.2008 – "A Happening of the Happening"

24.11.2008 – "Oh, Broadway, Broadway"

25.11.2008 – "No Words"

26.11.2008 – "Orpheus"

27.11.2008 – "The Great Sinful Woman"

28.11.2008 – „@lma@lter Session“


University Exhibitions

01 – 15.10.2008

Sofia University Gallery

Exhibition from the Sofia University Museum fund

17 – 24.10.2008

Sofia University Gallery

Exhibition "University Archives"

27 – 31.10.2008

Sofia University Gallery

Presentation of the key disciplines in the Faculty of Classical and Modern Languages

01 – 31.11.2008

By the main building of the Rectorate and in front of the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov"

Poster exhibition in the open: "120 Years Sofia University", a selection of the Sofia University Museum.

03 – 14.11.2008

Sofia University Gallery

University Botanic Gardens - a photo exhibition

17 – 28.11.2008

Sofia University Gallery

Exhibition of the products of the planer "Sofia University and friends, Rhodopi Mountains, 2008"

20.11.2008, 17:00

Bulgarian National radio, Marble Hall

An exhibition of Sofia University Press editions, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Sofia University, as part of the cultural programme of the National Radio Channel "Hristo Botev"

01 – 23.12.2008

Sofia University Gallery

Faculty of Preschool and Primary School Education presents an Art Specialty collection


Art competitions for students

14.10.2008, 18:00

The competitions will be officially announced during the First-Year Student Day, in the Sofia University yard.

1. An Essay Competition "The University in the era of globalization, Internet and cultural hybridization". The three essays which become first will be presented during the Grand Conference.

2. A Poem Completion. The winner will present his poem at the Gala Concert of Sofia University on 24th November, 2008, together with the great Bulgarian poets who graduated Sofia University.