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On February 26 and 27, as part of the training on "Top Business Management Tools" (for masters), students had the opportunity to meet valuable guest speakers - professionals in their field. They shared expertise and experience and answered numerous questions.


Lecturers during the training were:

  • Dr. Boris Borchev (Technology, Head of Business Clients) introduced students to the evolution of leading management paradigms and tools and the current stage in their application - such as process automation through software robots. The focus of his lecture was the work processes in the context of the overall business architecture, data, applications and technologies.
  • Ms. Irina Yanchovska - Project Manager in the IT sector - focused on Flexible Management Methodologies (Agile Management). The systematic presentation of the ideas of flexible management (Agile Manifesto) and specific methodologies (Kanban, SCRUM) was extremely useful and aroused great interest.
  • Mr. Ivan Panteleev - Partner and Account Director in the Agency for Integrated Digital Marketing Services "Xplora BG" presented his experience in process management in the Agency; communication with customers; simultaneous management of a large number of projects. Creating an appropriate "rhythm of organizational formats" is extremely important for structuring work, clarifying tasks, motivating employees, monitoring performance.

In her lecture, Ms. Ani Filipova - a professional with remarkable experience in the banking sector (including Chief Operating Officer of Citibank Asia in Treasury & Trade solutions) focused on three main areas: the transformation of the banking system; how the company culture is changing; which are the professions for which the most people are recruited. Currently, Ms. Ani Filipova is on creative leave and is developing a system of useful projects (as an investor; guest lecturer; women's entrepreneurship, etc.).

Irina Yanchovska, Boris Borchev and Ivan Panteleev are graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski”, which we are proud of. Mrs. Ani Filipova is a graduate of the University of National and World Economy (UNWE).



Student feedback:

"I would like to express my admiration for you and the guest speakers for the way you strive to be interesting and truly useful to us..."