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On March 11th, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration marked the beginning of the festive month of Ramadan. The event was attended by students and professors from the faculty, business guests, and representatives of the Center for the Study of Democracy - Bulgaria.

A festive breakfast was organized, and the faculty students also provided traditional desserts, which contributed to the festive atmosphere.

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Assoc. Prof. Marina Stefanova, PhD, Vice-Dean for "Sustainability, Empowerment, and Engagement" at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, opened the event with the words: "Almost 15% of our students are international. This makes us one of the most international higher education institutions in the country. That's why since 2023, values such as “diversity”, “inclusion”, and “empowerment” have been part of our key management policies. Acceptance of differences and encouragement of diversity are leading principles in our work. They are evident in our efforts to adapt the physical environment, provide support from the administration and academic staff, and engage in additional student initiatives. They reflect our ongoing efforts to recognize and protect the rights of the majority, minorities, and every student and teacher, always and everywhere. Because universal values of tolerance, humility, and mutual assistance transcend our differences based on race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, origin, religion, beliefs, political affiliation, personal and social status, or financial situation".

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Anastas Terzobaliev, an expert in working with the Middle East and Arab countries, was also present at the event. As a partner of the university, Mr. Terzobaliev pointed out that Ramadan is the most important holiday for all Arab and Islamic countries. Its beginning and end are determined by a special commission in Saudi Arabia that monitors the Earth's satellite. The name of the holy month is derived from the word “ramad”, which translates as scorching heat.


Anastas Terzobaliev stated that the policy implemented by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, including a special breakfast organized for Bulgarian and foreign students under the leadership of Assoc. Prof. Todor Yalamov, PhD, is key to the new line of culture, non-discrimination, and education occurring in the outside world.

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Mr. Terzobaliev congratulated all foreign students from the Middle East and Arab countries studying at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", wishing them bright hopes, peace, health, and prosperity.