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The President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tsvetan Simeonov, held a working meeting with the Management Board of the Council for Innovation, Digitalization and New Technologies (CIDNT). Radoslav Petkov, Chairman of the Council, presented the main goals and initiatives of the organization and the framework for implementing the program for 2024 - "Development of the innovation ecosystem for sustainable transformation in enterprises".The members of the Board of Directors of the Council also participated in the meeting - the deputy chairman Assoc. Dr. Atanas Georgiev, Prof. Dr. Eng. Fantina Rangelova, Kamen Slavov, Adv. Kostadin Manev, Dr. Todor Vodenicharov, Nikola Ruichev. Dr. Vasil Todorov, general secretary, also participated on behalf of the BCCI.


During the working meeting, the achieved results and the active activity of the Council were noted on priorities related to upgrading the innovation activity of enterprises, technological transfer between universities and businesses, initiatives to support SMEs in the protection and management of their intellectual property and aimed at stimulating innovation and competitiveness.

Evaluating the work of the Council, Tsvetan Simeonov offered the assistance of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the even more large-scale development of initiatives related to the innovative activity of enterprises, as well as the development of joint programs and projects in the field of innovations and new technologies of the Council with Japan and South Korea.

The upcoming high-level discussion meeting on February 26 on "Innovations - a leading factor in the development of enterprises and regions 2024 - challenges and opportunities", organized by SIDNT, was also discussed. The meeting will be attended by representatives of ministries, associated members of the Council, the Fund of Funds, and the Patent Office.

Members of the Council and interested members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be informed about policies and specific measures planned for this year, which are related to the achievement of the goals related to the Technology Transfer between business and universities, the Green Transition, regional development and synergy between municipalities and business, opportunities to attract and develop the human resources of enterprises in R&D.

The Chairman of the BCCI assured the members of the Board of Directors of SIDNT that he will assist the Council in establishing partnerships with international and local chambers of industry and related structures.