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From March 10th to 26th, a course for doctoral students on "Teaching Management Disciplines" was held, organized by Prof. Tsvetan Davidkov.


In an interactive form of training, topics such as:

  • Peculiarities in adult education;
  • Didactic guidelines of the learning process;
  • Methods and formats of effective learning;
  • Active teaching and learning methods;
  • The game as a tool for learning and learning.


On March 18th, guest lecturer was Iva Mihailova, who teaches at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Iva spoke about her experience in blended learning, the challenges of hybrid learning; presented current theoretical frameworks for active and passive learning activities.


On March 24th, guest lecturer was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Silvia Tsvetanska (Sofia University, Faculty of Pedagogy). Based on her experience, she drew the listeners' attention to the following accents: didactic guidelines in higher education; active learning methods; training needs research; lesson planning; formats for effective learning.

The course ended with a practical lesson on "The game as a tool for learning and learning" - during the lesson the participants had the opportunity to experience the power of this method.


In order to successfully complete the course, the doctoral students prepare a synopsis of a thematically oriented text; prepare an up-to-date bibliography related to university didactics and the teaching of managerial and economic knowledge; develop methodological development for a lesson for students from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

The skills acquired during the course will serve doctoral students in their role as future lecturers and young scientists to effectively teach different groups in a university environment.