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Benefit Dependency Network (BDN) is a visually depicted summary of the motives and benefits of a project or an initiative. Under the project INNOAIR, Plovdiv University created a dedicated Benefit Dependency Network on the green measures to tackle air pollution and climate change.


The network demonstrates the composition and relationship between the pillars - drivers of change, objectives, benefits, necessary change, enabling change and enablers. The formal benefit mapping process identifies gaps in knowledge and understanding that may not be apparent in an oral or email discussion. When used in combination, the presumption is that the benefits initiated by the project you choose to implement will be as relevant as possible to the problem we identified at the outset.

This is yet another great example of the holistic approach that the INNOAIR project has set to achieve and validate the actual and tangible benefits of the measures envisaged. If you have never seen what a BDN looks like just visit our project website where the document is available for the public.