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"The application of game methods in human relations management is increasingly entering the economy, business, marketing, government and non-governmental sectors. The so-called gamification is not really new", said Alexei Potebnya, marketing manager at the interactive center for science and technology "TechnoMagicLand" and lecturer in the Department of Business Administration at the University of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".


"Gamification is the well-known model of Homo Ludens (the playing man). It is the model of the human discoverer who is driven by curiosity and strives to be first. This is also the model in which we play, compete and finally receive a prize".

Mr. Potebnya also commented: "We live in a world where every movement of ours creates data. Even the passage of the subway generates hundreds of lines. It turns out that we have a lot of information that we do not know how to process, so there will be Many people today are worried about the advent of artificial intelligence and say - robots will take our work. In fact, robots have the extremely valuable property of not getting tired, not getting bored of doing repetitive things. So people start enjoying creation".