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Sofia University is an educational and scientific institution which has chosen the path of a research university. It has adopted the principle that the high level of science and research is an obligatory step towards establishing effective interaction between education as a process, science, technology development and innovation policy.

Sofia University research activity has been developing under the Strategy for Scientific Research (2009-2014) established by the academia. It identifies the priority research areas, following Sofia University tradition to ensure freedom of choosing particular research goals to the lecturers at the same time. Project funding has won recognition as the main instrument for supporting scientific research. Today, Sofia University takes an active part in a number of projects funded by national and European programmes, by ministries, national agencies, NGOs and business enterprises.




Research Еxcellence

The German Succession Law as Applicable Law on Successions Concerning Immovable Property in Bulgaria

Author: Prof. Ekaterina Mateeva, Dr. Habil.

(Faculty of Law, Department of Civil Law Science)


Scientific and Research Projects

Optimization of a Semi-quantitative RT-PCR-Method for Analysis of the Transcription Level of Neuronal mRNAs in Drosophila

Project leader: Prof. Ginka Genova

(Faculty of Biology)