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Few were the Bulgarian institution with written history before 1944. It was only Sofia University in 1939, written by Michail Arnaudov.





Michil Arnaudov lived 100 years, and his long life overlaps with the most troublesome times in Bulgarian history. He was a public figure with a wide variety of activities: he was a scientist, an author of more than 50 monographs in various field, such as folklore, literature theory, ethnography. He held the Rector’s office 1935-1936.


‘Sofia University History’ had been started when he was a Rector, yet was published in 1939, for the 50th anniversary of the University. For the 120th anniversary this invaluable book is republished as the first in raw of the collection ‘University Heritage’ and is an exact replica of the first edition. This book is paying respect to the author of the first history of Sofia University, who was not allowed to work for it after 1944. Thus the University acknowledges its history researcher and his works.