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  • The main activity of the department is to provide information services to members of the academic community through the operation and management of general university information systems.
  • Assistance and performance of training of employees and SU staff in using these systems.
  • Advice for administrators and faculty units and support for the creation of summary information for management and to external IS (national registries of Ministry of Education, National Revenue Agency, etc.). Service systems providing public presentation of SU.
  • Certificates for remote access to the systems.
  • Providing advanced services to support the academic and research activities of the University, including maintaining computer training laboratories, systems management software and support for teaching and research.
  • Construction of modern digital libraries for scientific publications, records, software, etc., management of user access to individual elements of the system, providing access to scientific publications, magazines, library services, virtual laboratories, lodging, storage, archiving and dissemination of materials in various formats - text, video, audio and data; rights management and user access; integration of information resources related to scientific production, research and applied results achieved by the research college at SU.
  • Providing technologies and standards for e-learning, CRM and consumer access, provision of advice relating to the use of systems for using media for e-learning and virtual libraries of the University.