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The main functions of the department are related to:

  • The development, implementation, system administration and integration of specific existing and novel University information systems related to service learning, research and administrative activities.
  • Research, implementation and integration of information systems activities for which they are applicable.
  • Experimental implementation and testing of information systems. Installation and system administration of applied information systems management of virtual machines, configuration management, management of software distribution and updates, installing operating systems, monitoring of events, providing services for remote access, managing hardware resources.
  • Supporting academics in applying for research projects involving the use of information and communication technologies. Development of policies and guidelines for the development of information services at SU.
  • Assisting the administration in planning and delivery of computing and communication resources.
  • Development of rules and policies for information systems security, protection of privacy of students and staff against unauthorized access or against their use without permission of the owner.
  • Management of hardware configurations, control of software distribution and updates, installation of desktop operating systems.
  • Keeping information about available distributions and license keys for Microsoft products provided by the Ministry of Education to the University.