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The students from the program Responsible and Sustainable Governance at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration received a donation of 150 copies of The Handbook of B Corp Companies from Devin EAD. This donation coincided with the graduation of the second class of students completing the master's program in Responsible and Sustainable Governance. This contribution reflects a longstanding collaboration between the two entities.

The master's program aims to cultivate a new cadre of specialists in sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, and their practical applications within Bulgarian politics, administration, industry, and the civil sector. The B Corp Handbook serves as a valuable resource, inspiring students to embrace sustainable practices and consider the B Corp™ model as a pathway toward driving innovation in sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marina Stefanova, the Head of the Master's program, expressed her appreciation for the donation, emphasizing the importance of exposing students to the B Corp™ standard through examples such as Devin and other certified local companies. She highlighted the significance of the handbook's first Bulgarian edition in promoting the values and principles embedded within it, both within student cohorts and across supply chains to smaller, local partners. Assoc. Prof. Stefanova also acknowledged the growing B Corp™ community, commending Devin for its commitment to sharing experiences and supporting new companies.

Petya Manastirska, Devin's Manager of Sustainable Development and Quality, underscored the rationale behind translating the handbook into Bulgarian. She noted the increasing number of Bulgarian companies adopting sustainable business practices, which are increasingly seen as a force for positive change. The handbook, she explained, provides young professionals with insights into the B Corp™ philosophy, the benefits of this corporate structure for consumers, society, and employees, and guidance on assessing a business's impact across various dimensions such as ecology, community, and governance, as well as preparing for certification.