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Managers from the Executive Board and members of the Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association (BPGA) visited the students of the Master's program "Energy Markets and Services" on March 27 for a series of guest lectures, in which they presented the European and national regulations, market perspectives, the challenges of decarbonization and good practices from the fuel market.


The first lecture was delivered by Mr. Svetoslav Benchev, the Chief legal advisor at BPGA. He presented the topic "A package of EU measures: Ready for goal 55. Challenges for the Bulgarian and European economy. An Industry under siege". In his lecture, Mr. Benchev paid special attention to the new requirements being introduced at the European level in connection with decarbonization and the challenges related to oil supplies.


Mr. Petar Kiselov, Trading and Supply Director at V-GAS Bulgaria, presented a lecture on "Propane-butane and the prospects for its sustainable development". In his lecture, he touched on the propane-butane market, product applications, and future developments in the sector. The students were curious about the prospects for LPG and asked a number of questions which helped lead to an interesting discussion.


Mr. Vasil Veselinov, Sales and management of commercial outlets Manager at Petrol AD, presented the topic "Current state of the market of liquid fuels in Bulgaria". In his lecture, Mr. Veselinov talked about the fuel retail market and the company's good practices.