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Public Management


Status: Required course

Period: Fourth year, First semester

ECTS credits: 2

Class hours: 30 lectures

Language: Bulgarian


Prerequisites: Completed courses in Management and Organization behaviour



Course content:

This course provides students with deeper theoretical knowledge of public management and assessment of the theories and principles of public management, particularly the public sector reforms associated with the movement most often referred to as ‘the new public management’ and compares and contrasts these with the traditional model of public administration.


The course also provides students with knowledge and skills for the application of methods and indicators of a professional bureaucracy, the role of government investment decisions, capital budgeting, E-government cash management, and in general about the theory of ‘the new public management'.


The managerial programme is an international one, with quite similar changes occurring in a range of different countries, although the extent of similarity is a point of controversy. What is more, there is common intellectual backing for these changes particularly in economic theory and the principles of private management. For this reason the course concentrates on the broad sweep of international developments rather than concentrating on individual national case studies that could obscure key issues in a mass of unnecessary detail.