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Psychology of advertising


Status: Optional course

Period: Fourth year, Second semester

ECTS credits: 2

Class hours: 30 lectures

Language: Bulgarian




Course content:

The course in Psychology of advertising has as its goal to demonstrate the mechanisms of how advertising impacts and influences consumers. Students are exposed to the main psychological determinants of the behavior of the economic agent which gives them opportunity to develop effective advertising strategies.

The course content is organized in three parts. The first one considers the nature and basic functions of advertising, by drawing attention to the informative and persuasive functions. The second part deals with various approaches to developing advertising strategy. It also looks at the basic advertising psychological models of persuasion - popular, impact, motivational, image -and others.

The concluding part of the course introduces to students the basic methods of testing the effectiveness of the advertising impact.


Course aim:

To teach students the basic mechanisms of advertising impact, the main approaches in developing the advertising strategy and the methods to analyze its effectiveness.


Intended learning outcomes:

To know:

What prior research is needed to develop an advertising strategy. What are the main directions of the effects of advertising. What verbal and nonverbal means can achieve the purpose of advertising.

Be able:

To analyze advertisements from the perspective of their potential impact;

To test the effectiveness of the advertizing persuasion.