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Status: Required course

Period: Third year, Second semester

ECTS credits: 5

Class hours: 75 class hours (45 lectures and 30 seminars)

Language: Bulgarian, English


Prerequisites: completed courses in Mathematics and Statistics


Course content

The course introduces students to the fundamental methods of econometrics, giving them the apparatus with which based on statistical data to adapt economic theory to reality. The course includes the methods of regression analysis, made on the classical normal linear regression model of two or more variables. Mathematical precision is retained in the lectures and is applied in meaningful economic models. The seminars focus entirely on the applied aspects of econometrics through solving problems using computer software such as Eviews, SPSS, R.


Course aim

The aim of the course is the students to learn and be able to use the approaches, methods and technical means for data collection, analysis and processing; for modeling and research of processes and phenomena in the area of business and economics with econometric models for making correct decisions for the management of the company or in carrying out economic policy.


Intended learning outcomes

- Know the set of concepts of econometrics;

- Learn the methodology of econometrics;

- Learn the techniques of econometrics

- Define the basic concepts, variables, indices and dependencies in econometrics and construct models;

- Be able to interpret correctly the obtained results;

- Be able to take the right management decisions on the basis of econometric research.