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Status: Required course

Period: Third year, First semester

ECTS credits: 5+1

Class hours: 75 class hours (30 lectures and 45 seminars)

Language: Bulgarian

Requirements: Basic knowledge in management



Course content

The course falls into the category of synthetic knowledge and builds upon basic theoretical knowledge and skills. It acquaints students with basic approaches and concepts of human behavior in an organizational context. The course introduces students to the logic of the organizational psychology, and to the social and psychological aspects of organizational behaviour. It provokes independent thinking and desire for independent studying and development. The course requires knowledge in: fundamentals of management, HRM, organizational theories, human behavior models. It is at the basis of the following courses: entrepreneurship, organizational development, learning organization, strategic management.



Course aim

Students will learn the basic approaches to the issues of organizational behavior; they will be able to use the minimum of concepts to describe and explain this theme; they will be motivated to study independently in order to improve in the field of management theory and practice.