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Major: Business Administration (BA)

Status: Required subject

Period: First year, First semester

ECTS credits: 5

Class hours; 60 (30 lectures and 30 seminars)

Language: Bulgarian


Prerequisites: Admission exam in Mathematics, Introductory course in Mathematics


Course Content:

Analytical Geometry: the concept of curve equation, coordinate transformation and elementary problems; straight line and second-degree curves in the plane; example of linear programming; analytical geometry in the space; examples from the theory of securities portfolio. Linear algebra: linear vector spaces; linear dependence and basis; sets of linear equations; linear transforms and matrices; scalar product; quadratic forms; Leontev models. Real numbers, sequences and limits. Calculus (functions of a single real variable): limits; continuous functions; derivatives and differentials – definition, analytical and geometrical meaning; derivatives and study of functions; Taylor expansion; the concept of risk and camber. Elementary models in Economics.

Aims of the course:

Mathematics I course is designed to acquaint students of Economics with some basic information from analytical geometry, linear algebra and calculus thus creating practical skills to solve a variety of tasks.