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Status: Optional course

Period: Third year, Second semester

ECTS credits: 3

Class hours: 30 hours lectures

Language: Bulgarian


Prerequisites: basic knowledge of Fundamentals of Management (organizational theories, organizational structures, decision making), HRM (motivation models), Fundamentals of Accounting (Business Plan)


Course content

The course integrates and upgrades knowledge obtained in the subjects mentioned above with the aim to develop entrepreneurial thinking and behavior. It offers basic knowledge helpful for the creation and management of a small company in different economic sectors. Topics such as: clarification and features of entrepreneurial activity, types of entrepreneurship, the entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial process (creation of a new enterprise), features, behavior and support of newly created SMEs, management and growth of SMEs, their internationalization and building competitive advantage based on innovations, introduction of new ICT, quality standards and others are dealt with. For each topic there are supporting case studies, strategies, methods and comments derived from the business reality in this country and abroad.


Course aim

The main goal of the course is to provide knowledge and develop basic skills related to the specifics of small business management. The lectures are based on theory and practical examples derived from real enterprises. The skills are developed in the process of discussions, and solving business cases.