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Status: Required course

Period: Fourth year, Second semester

ECTS credits: 5

Class hours: 60 (30 lectures and 30 seminars)

Language: Bulgarian


Prerequisites: Completed courses in Financial accounting and Management


Course content:

Management and financial accounting are the basis of contemporary accounting knowledge which is crucial for effective management of the enterprise in a dynamic market environment.

The management accounting course introduces students to the practical application of specific management tools in making operational and strategic decisions. These tools are used to improve financial performance through effective cost management.


Course aim:

The overall objective of the course is to provide students with knowledge and skills to build the subsystem of management accounting and use the information for the purposes of the operational management, planning, control and evaluation of performance.


Intended learning outcomes


Completing the course students will know:

  • The nature of the costs, and the cost price of products and services;
  • Different methods for calculating the cost price of products and services;
  • Design and use of budget based performance evaluation systems;
  • Variance analysis of actual vs. budget;


Be able to:

  • Understand cost classification;
  • do Costs- volume-profit analysis in making specific decisions;
  • Use different systems and methods of calculation;
  • Apply budget planning methodology and analyze variances.