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Status: Required course

Period: Third year, First and second semesters

ECTS credits: 4+2

Class hours: 75 lectures

Language: Italian

Requirements: Students choose one second foreign language from French, German, Italian or Spanish

Prerequisites: Completed Italian 1 and 2 courses


Course content:

It is an obligatory Italian language course for students who have completed Italian1 and 2 courses. The course aim is to complete the general Italian preparation and to strengthen the professional language tuition. Along with textbook handouts authentic materials are used which are being constantly updated.


Course aim:

Improve the listening and reading comprehension skills as well as the skills for written and oral communication in general Italian to reach B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Another goal is to achieve skills for professional communication, the basics of which were laid during Italian 2 course.


Intended learning outcomes:

Be able to understand and follow comparatively long speeches, lectures on relatively familiar topics, as well as films and TV broadcasts;

Read articles, reports on contemporary topics, as well as fiction; to understand without much effort texts containing the most commonly used terminology in their professional field;

To communicate with ease with foreigners; be able to justify their opinion and to express themselves clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics;

To write detailed texts on a wide range of topics giving arguments "for" or "against" an opinion.