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Status: Required course

Period: Fourth year, Second semester

ECTS credits: 3

Class hours: 30 (30 lectures)

Language: Bulgarian


Prerequisites: Completed courses in Marketing, Statistics and Marketing research


Course content:

Companies vary widely in their international activities and needs, depending on their level of experience, resources and capabilities. For a company just entering the international business the level of knowledge is low, time is short, the expectations for success are uncertain, the external environment is often unfriendly. Conversely, a multinational company that is globally oriented, and employs thousands of workers in each continent has many more resources, expertise and information. Multinational companies also have the ability to creatively respond to the environment through changes in resources, policy, etc.

Consistently, the course presents in detail the early internationalization of the company. Emphasis is placed on the needs of those who start in international business and on the operational issues that are essential for success. Some basic questions are discussed: the difference between domestic and foreign markets, the applicability of marketing principles when they are transformed internationally, how to research the market for a specific product without spending a fortune; how the company can advertise its product on the international market, etc.

Subsequently, the multinational company is in focus – its transnational location of resources, coordination of multinational marketing activities, mostly in pricing and logistics. From political perspective, it is very difficult to isolate domestic economic activity from the international market developments.

Both companies and individual consumers are influenced by international trade by participating in global business transactions. Whole industries were threatened in their survival or adapted to new markets or left the market. At the same time, global business changes have increased the opportunities available. Companies can now reach much more users. The life cycle of products has extended or shortened dramatically. Many new jobs were created and consumers around the world can find a wide variety of products at lower prices.


Course aim:

The course aims to make students better, and more successful players in international business by providing information about what is happening on the international markets and helping them become successful in applying their knowledge to business transactions.