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Status: Optional course

Period: Third year, Second semester

ECTS credits: 3

Class hours: 30 hours lectures

Language: Bulgarian, English

Requirements: knowledge in International economics, Management, Marketing, International marketing



Course content

The course introduces students to the basic theories and approaches applicable to business in international context: competitive advantage analysis in international business, international environment, external factors in international context; financial, political, economic and legal aspects of doing business in more than one country. Students will obtain knowledge which will allow them to make analysis and carry out research for potential investment destinations; perform evaluation of individual investment decisions. The course teaches them how to make analysis and develop effective decisions in the field of international business.


Intended learning outcomes

The main elements of the analysis of the business in international context;

Concepts, principles and approaches used in the analysis of competitive advantage in international business environment;

Understand the nature of political, financial, economic and other factors and their role for the successful development of the business in international environment;

Apply successfully different models of analysis and approaches to finding and evaluating investment decisions in international context;

Combine successfully different analytical models and approaches to finding and evaluating investment decisions appropriate for an individual organization in international context;

Apply diagnostics and create a plan to enter the respective international market.