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Status: Required course

Period: Third year, First and second semesters

ECTS credits: 4+2

Class hours: 75 lectures

Language: French

Requirements: Students choose one second foreign language from French, German, Italian or Spanish

Prerequisites: Completed French 2 course or solid knowledge of the language at level A1- A2


Course content:

Teaching French as a second foreign language is intended for students who have already completed 180 class hours during the first or the second year of their studies or have solid background at level A1- A2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The aim is to develop further the skills for everyday communication using general French language at level A2 by focusing on the basic language skills: listening and reading comprehension, writing and speaking. The course will continue the introduction of elements of professional communication.


The text book used is Echo.


Intended learning outcomes:

Talk about past encounters and memories; describe circumstances, someone’s character and behavior; express preferences and opinion; make/respond to a suggestion; comment given information by expressing guesses; express misunderstanding, agreement or disagreement; express will and feelings/fear, trust, mistrust; to blame or take responsibility; defend themselves or others, etc.