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Status: Required course

Period: First year, First and second semesters

ECTS credits: 4

Class hours: 60 lectures

Language: English


Prerequisites: Admission exam in English



Specialized economics terminology in English including the following themes.

Business and Businesses: free/private enterprise; from multinationals to small firms; industries and sectors; public sector and private; stakes; holding companies and subsidiaries; takeover bids; LBOs and junk bonds; joint ventures and alliances; mergers; diversifications and profit centres; MBOs

People and Organizations: entrepreneurs and tycoons; managers and executives; board of directors; headhunting; remuneration and compensation; derivatives; management and labour; HRM; delayering; empowerment; hiring and firing; outplacement

Research, Development and Production: innovation; patents and their infringement; hi-tech and low; rustbelt and sunbelt; production capacity and shortages; robotics CAD/CAM; suppliers and subcontractors; outsourcing and vertical integration; JIT deliveries and TQM; BPR;

Products, markets and marketing: consumers; competition and key players; markets and market orientation; market segmentation; products, goods and services; FMCG, cash cows and loss leaders; brands, own-label products and generic goods; pricing and price wars; list price and discounting; dumping; cannibalization; marketing: franchise, pyramid and inertia selling, etc; advertizing and promotions

The course is based on: Bill Mascull, Key Words in Business, Collins Cobuild, USA, 1998

Intended learning outcomes:

Become familiar with English economics terminology and the corresponding Bulgarian one.

Read and understand without difficulty specialized texts in English and participate successfully in discussions on various economics topics.