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Status: Required course


Period: Fourth year, First semester


ECTS credits: 5


Class hours: 60 (30 lectures and 30 seminars)


Language: Bulgarian


Requirements: Fundamental knowledge in Management and Economics


Prerequisites: Completed courses in Fundamentals of management, Human resources management, Business communication and PR, Microeconomics, New institutional economics.



Course content:


The course presents the current theoretical debate about the existence of new (internet economy) by presenting arguments for and against. It considers the specific features of the transition towards knowledge economy (knowledge based economy) and the management behavior as a result of the wide use of new information and communication technologies, as well as the new challenges to the survival of businesses and security protection.


The course provides information about the current policy and strategy documents on the development of the information society in Bulgaria and examines case studies of Bulgarian business practice. The new economy is directly related to the processes of globalization (see Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat). Bulgaria has its own however limited experience not only at the receiving end of jobs but as exporting jobs, technology and know-how. The course will examine several such cases: the IT outsourcing production in Vietnam from Sayant and export of model-LAN internet providers in India. ICTs are the key to the whole process of innovating – from the design phase (including the participation of a large number of clients) through the process, organizational, marketing and other innovations. The course gives the students the opportunity to apply modern methods in dealing with the complex environment and rapid technological change for various management planning processes.


Intended learning outcomes


- Learn about the academic debate for and against the new internet economy;


- Integrate previous knowledge in economics and information technologies and apply it from management perspective;


- Be able to describe and explain in a proper way the problematic field of “e-business” and “new/internet economy”;


- Desire for further development and self education in the area of research of emerging economic and management phenomena such as the processes of technological business convergence, globalization, growth related problems of the Bulgarian ICT companies and ICT


- Implementation for organizational innovation.